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Zama Carburetors

Welcome to Midwest Mower Pro's Zama Carburetor page!
Zama does not offer a parts lookup system like many of our other manufacturers. We have provided you with access to their webpage below. To use their page, scroll down to "Product Look-up By Number" and type in your carbs BODY style and MODEL number. When typing in your numbers, please use this format: BODY-MODEL i.e. C1U-K52. If you are having trouble locating your Zama Carburetor's BODY and MODEL numbers, please use our helpful video below. If you are still having troubles locating your numbers, or if you have located your numbers but cannot find the part you are looking for, please  do not  hesitate to email, live chat, or call us at   877-935-0790. 


Zama is NOT supported by our web developers! In order to order Zama Carburetor parts, you must do one of the following: Email us the order, Live chat with us to place the order, or call us at 
We CAN take credit cards in any of the aforementioned methods of placing an order!

Zama's Webpage (Helpful Video is below):

Helpful Video: